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5D Astrology for the Golden Age. Cosmic Consciousness Pluto was discovered in and Orcus was discovered in Orcus and Pluto have a way of complimenting each other in very specific ways. Pluto and Orcus.

Aka, you might need to work on your tact and delivery.

What Your Moon Sign and Rising Sign Mean in Astrology

You also might have a desire to travel the world or make multiple moves in your lifetime. Capricorn risings are reserved, responsible, and serious. Security is fundamental to earning your trust as well. Your work ethic is unchallenged and you eternally strive to achieve more and more—especially when it comes to providing for your loved ones.

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We get it. Social justice is a massive point of interest and you find peace within larger social groups or organizations. Your eccentricity only adds to your desire to combat social norms, and your innovative nature makes you the perfect group-project partner. Hello, anyone in there?

With a Pisces rising, you might be a little busy dissociating. You are a true empath, possess an innate healing power, and feel the pain and beauty the world offers on a deep level. You can struggle with indecision and escapism, which you should watch out for.

First House: The House Of Self

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. So, just because, for instance, the first house of the zodiac is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars, it could easily be in the sign Libra with the planet Mercury in it in your birth chart. I know, it's a little confusing; is this pie analogy helping or just making you hungry?

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You'll want to know which sign each of your houses falls in, and which planets you have in each house. If all of this sounds complicated, not to fear.

Rising Signs

A professional astrologer can be a huge help when it comes navigating your birth chart and understanding the houses as well as the signs and planets that you have in each of them, so I highly recommend consulting one if you really want the inside scoop on your astrological self. It's amazing how much insight you can gain into your life, personality, habits, relationships — everything. Cosmic therapy, for real. Let's take an astrological open-house tour, shall we?

How To Read Your Birth Chart (BASICS)

These are the basic meanings for each of the 12 houses in astrology. Once you've got that down, take a look at the sign that each house falls into in your chart as well as the planets you have living in each to find out even more about how these apply to you. What it represents: Your first house is also known as the "ascendant" and it begins our ride through the astrological houses.

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It represents "you" in the simplest terms, and governs both our self-image and the image we project to others. It even literally rules over our physical appearance. As described by AstroStyle , the first house very fittingly "covers the all 'firsts': first impressions, the self and appearance, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings.

It's important to note that "[a]ny planets in this house will greatly influence your personality and how others perceive you," according to Astro Library. What it represents: The second house is all about money, wealth, and earthly possessions including your five senses!

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It also deals with value — and when I say value, I mean both how you value material things and how you value yourself. On the darker side, this is also an area of the chart that, depending on your placements, could indicate issues of greed, low self-worth, or financial hardship. What it represents: The third house, as Spirit Articles put it, " extends our sense of self outwards and represents the communication with others " — so everything from how you express yourself through words and actions to virtual communication via the internet and your devices.

It also deals with things relating to your environment early in life — like siblings and neighbors, your mind when it comes to "lower" forms of thinking , and primary school. And as it's ruled by chatty Gemini and communication-forward Mercury, "gossiping, chatting and small-talk are definitely also represented here," as described by The Astro Codex.

What it represents: This house is your foundation literally, it's found at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel! Planets here can indicate a lot of energy going toward your family life. What it represents: This house is all about creative energy and the attainment and expression of your pleasure — in short, it's about having fun!

What Is a Birth Chart?

This covers things like hobbies and recreational activities that you do just to make yourself happy, as well as all things related to romance, love affairs, and casual sex. Certain degrees are believed to hold greater meaning in a birth chart than others.

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These degrees are commonly referred to as Critical degrees. Do you have a planet or sensitive angle in your chart at any of these degrees? If so, you can expect more of a focus in that area of your life. Furthermore, 0 degrees of any sign is considered a critical degree due to the karmic nature of being at the beginning of the sign. It is said that whatever planet or point is at 0 degrees will be in the early stages of learning lessons related to that point. Conversely, if a planet or point is at 29 degrees of any sign it is called an Anaretic Degree, and it symbolizes karmic completion related to that planet or points energy.

It is possible that if a person has a birth chart with many planets or angles at the Anaretic Degree he or she is a very old soul. There may be a sense of urgency or need to finish up something related to that planet or points energies as well. So, what happens if a planet is at 29 degrees and 59 minutes? We saw this example recently with the much anticipated birth of the royal baby.

He was born when the Sun was at the tail end of Cancer -- 29 degrees and 59 minutes. If he was born just a short time later, the Sun would have ingressed into 0 degrees Leo.