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5D Astrology for the Golden Age. Cosmic Consciousness Pluto was discovered in and Orcus was discovered in Orcus and Pluto have a way of complimenting each other in very specific ways. Pluto and Orcus.

The social calendar of a Venus Sagittarius is often full because you are a collector of friends and lovers. Often they're one and the same since having a strong friendship is important to you in love. You're not into emotional drama and will hightail it out of a heavy or over-analyzed relationship. Play, travel, soaking up the nightlife, discussing world cultures—these things bond you to a partner-in-adventure.

It may take a while before you commit to one person, and your experimental side means you'll be curious about all things sexual. You'll play the field for a long time, as part of your overall quest for experience. You're likely that person who waves to all your "friends" as you're walking down the street. And you're always meeting new ones, because of your outgoing, curious nature. Friendships enlarge your world, and with your global focus, you could end up with friends in every port.

What a Man is Attracted to in a Woman – Astrology

You're idealistic, and can be a source of inspiration for others. Some might doubt your sincerity since you cast such a wide net, and you tend to singe more sensitive types with your too-blunt honesty.

You're compatible with those on the go, ready for adventure, without the need for a whole lot of emotional bonding. You've got a friendly demeanor that opens doors and makes people take notice. Usually, you're joking and having fun, and people want to be part of that, so they draw near. So some will see love as wild passion, others will think of it as a delicate romance, while there might be those who understand it as family care. Here it evokes elegance, excellent taste, sense of style and beauty.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

The representatives of those signs often have long eyelashes, big eyes, full lips, velvet skin, lush hair, slim waist. Women are usually rather curvy with beautiful breasts and wide hips. Another strong position of Venus — the place of exaltation — is in Pisces, where Venus also gets additional qualities of subtlety and spirituality. Here, it can be no less attractive because it is passionate, bright but a bit masculine. It is interesting that many designers with a great taste have this seemingly weak position. It is also weak at the point of fall, in Virgo, where the characteristics of Mercury such as caution are more pronounced and sober mind becomes an integral part of love.

It should be understood, however, that in both strong and weak positions, Venus can be harmonious or not which depends on many factors — including human consciousness, ethics, and effort.

Venus in horoscope

Harmonious Venus is peaceful, beautiful and nurturing, brings a sense of style, the ability to love, to create beauty and well-being around not only for oneself, but for others too. Non-harmonious Venus brings impatience, inability to love, to establish harmonious relationships, partnership, greed, or, conversely, waste, parasitism.

What is Venus like in the Zodiac Signs? There are 12 different shades here, expressing different needs and expectations related to love.

Know result of planet Venus in Sagittarius

Vigorous and belligerent Venus. Venus in Aries women like to take the initiative themselves, show self-reliance. Sometimes they can look like an officer in the barracks. Venus in Aries. Such people either love or hate — there is no middle ground. Charmy Venus. This position gives women a sleek shape, charm, attractiveness and excellent taste. Venus in Taurus men like feminine women in particular. Love for these people is stable, reliable, supported by physical presence, cooking together, creating beauty and nurturing.

Flirting Venus. Because Venus loves with ears. Both men and women tend to flirt to get validation; they need compliments whether they choose sex affairs or intimate relationships depends on other factors. Women are friendly, easy to communicate and make contact with. Men choose girlfriends who do not cause dramas and do not resent excessive sentimentality. In love these people need diversity, and interesting communication, the opportunity to talk to share ideas, learn new things together.

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Family-orientated and gentle Venus. For such people, love is inseparable from family: how else could it be? Love is perceived as gentleness, caring for family members. For women, this position gives tenderness, caring, and sensitivity but if such a woman is overwhelmed, she can turn into a grey serving maid who has no other interest apart from her family. Men like motherly women. Their ideal lover is the mother of their children.

Family, Mother, caring for the children and homemaking have a great influence on their partnership. It's hard for you to take you eye off of possible escape routes when things seem to be heating up and you feel yourself being hemmed in. You are honest and idealistic in your dealings with others.

Strong in your beliefs, you must find a partner sharing your views, or you will surely try to convert your chosen to your way of thinking.

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  • You don't hold back on your feelings, and it is never hard to figure out you stand on emotional issues. The key to your romantic nature is friendship.