virgo october 20 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore

5D Astrology for the Golden Age. Cosmic Consciousness Pluto was discovered in and Orcus was discovered in Orcus and Pluto have a way of complimenting each other in very specific ways. Pluto and Orcus.

If you're self-employed, advertise and get your name out there. Ask for referrals. If you work for a business, make sure you're being seen by your superiors. You'll also be focusing on your fitness and daily rhythm. How do you balance your work-life? Kick that bad habit? Quit smoking? Get on a plan. Meet a doctor. Stop waiting. If you want to get a new job, this would be a time to be rocking out those resumes. Use this time well.

Love, romance, fun, adventure, and creativity shine for you now. You'll be more attractive, so if you're single, get your face out there! Meet people. It's better to meet people through friends or socially rather than apps. Plan some events.

Annular Solar Eclipse of 12222 Dec 26

Some of you may be moving and changing up your lifestyle. Embrace every ounce of change that is coming. You're worth it. Also, there may be a focus on art projects and you may feel more inspired than any recent times. Embrace that muse. It was meant for you. If you have children, they may be taking focus for you. Allow a lyrical, romantic, and beautiful spotlight to hit your life and inspire your heart for the entire year to come.

Your heart will be lit on fire. The foundation of your life can change. Jump on real estate if you can. Update your living space. Buy some new furniture, give a wall a fresh coat of paint, look for that perfect cooking set for you to entertain with. Being domestic is going to go well for you, now, so invite friends over or use this time to enjoy your home. Look in the mirror and ask yourself: "Do I like myself?

What do I truly need? What makes me happy? Am I on a path that is fulfilling emotionally?

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Get ready to expand all areas of communication. Focus on advertising, social media, grow your presence online or with people, and anything ruled by communication will flourish. Meet new people. Reach out to new contacts. Ask others for new contacts. Submit a resume. If you want a job in any of these areas listed, get it, because you can. It's all lighting up. If you are launching a campaign in any of these areas, it will be divinely blessed by the cosmos.

The time is now.

Lay the seeds. Money seems to be about to come in — or ways to generate more of it. Increase your income by looking for better jobs or by asking for a raise. Show you're qualified. Update that resume. Also focus on the things you "own," especially your possessions. People are not possessions, but if you look at people in that way, make sure they're yours, dependent on you, and you will lock that down.

What do you own? Make sure it's yours to stay — because it can be. If you're looking to buy things, you're likely to have luck. Use this time to evaluate who you are, what you want, and where you are going. Use this time to analyze how you want to shine — and then go for it!

Put yourself out there. Get a fresh new haircut, wardrobe, or style. Become the person you were meant to be. If your birthday falls three days before or after January 5 th , this will be a BIG year for you. It will be one with lots of new beginnings, new relationships, and you will see how this year marks a major change for your life.

You may move to a new home or city or see a huge shift in your lifestyle and view of the world. Be ready! Here it comes. All things that are hidden and growing will soon come to light for you. Your time is coming. Every dream, fire, desire, and focus is in your scope now. Things may come out that you've long hidden or things that have been hidden by other people, so be aware.

This Solar Eclipse will "clear out" the past year, and get you ready to finally shine.

Astrology Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Lay any seed you want to germinate slowly. It will need more time than most. Use this time now to release the past and let go of pain and enemies. Your dreams and aspirations, as well as friends, are heating up.

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What do you want long-term and how do you get it? Think about that vision you've always wanted. Make a plan. Glass Solar filters are the most durable and can last you decades. The only downside is that glass solar filters are not as sharp compared to Mylar. Since the glass that is used to make these filters is not optically flat. Out of all of the filters that you use, Mylar solar filters give the sharpest image. Glass and solar filters will always fit on the outside of telescope or camera lens and you'll need to make sure which ever filter you get it will be a proper fit.

When compared to, Black Polymer, glass or Mylar solar filters the difference is astounding. When used with continuum filters, you can start to see surface details on the sun. For day to day solar observing, they are one of the easiest products to use and will fit right into any refactor. If you are not in the path of totality, We would highly recommend getting one of these.

The only downside to a Herschel Wedge is that you are limited to using only refractors that have an aperture of mm 6 inches or smaller.

When in junction with a Continuum filter, you will get a green cast to your image. These telescopes work by blocking most of the energy These telescopes with work best with monochrome sensors since they are more sensitive to light and generally have better sharpness. Similar to Herschel wedges that also will work best for day to day viewing and partial eclipses. Below is a list of the Total Solar Eclipses that will touch land over the next 50 years.

There are a total of 32 that will happen over the next 50 years on Earth and only 4 of them will be visible from the USA partially. The Eclipse on August 21, is very special because it will go from coast to coast in the United States of America and will not be seen in totality anywhere else on land in the world. Narrow Results. OPT Newsletter. Sales, Podcast and New products right into your inbox.

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